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Thanks to an uncommon girl, I finally thought of something I could write about, Vacations. Vacations is something that different people have different opinions about. Some think that vacation is just staying at home relaxing, others say or think that it means leaving to an exotic place to relax over there. I think the key word here is RELAX. Vacation is not where you are or what you are doing but it is about relaxing, about finding something that keeps you relaxed and at the same time alert that you do not have all the time in the world and that you should spend this time relaxing while doing stuff or being with people you like. If you are scared about this summer or about next year, all I have to say is RELAX.

And do not think that I am super relaxed and that nothing bad will happen. On the contrary, many things will happen but all you have to think about is what you are doing now and during your relaxation think positive, think happy, but most of all think Future.





I haven’t posted anything for a while and that is because I had a famous case of writers’ block. I have also noticed that many people are posting about how easy or hard it is to blog. People have been complaining and other people responding that they are just whiners, well here is my take.


For those of you who are complaining, it is NOT hard to blog. You just have writers’ block like I had. For the rest of you telling them to stop, just mind your own business and let them blog what they want.


Now down to real business, have you ever heard the name of a movie and felt like you needed to watch it, but when you start to watch it, in short it is not even half of the same! This always happens to me. Help, as you can see I am talking about nothing in particular!


Post a comment below with an idea for me to make a post on! If you do I would really appreciate it!


Your Bookworm

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Here are some websites that I am following and have to do with books:

Book of words
Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers & Words
Write me a book, John!
My Journey as a Writer.
Ed’s end of the planet books
The Talking (Blogging) Bookworm

Those are just a few of the book blogs that I am following. They have really amazing reviews and insights on what writing is like. I hope they inspires you like they inspired me!

Your Bookworm


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Book Genres

Book genres are always a bit confusing. You can say that you like Ancient Egypt and start reading an Encyclopedia. I prefer science fiction but nothing about aliens or anything like that. I like adventure and I might end up reading “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” You may like Greek mythology and end up learning Greek.

Genres of movies, books and even TV shows, not only show your personality but your how specific, driven or unspecific you are. You can like adventure but only in the ocean, you can be driven to a certain country or language or you can be as unclear as possible and read every book without even thinking about it or not reading for your pleasure but for the pleasure of others. Let me know what you like and if you consider yourself specific, driven or unclear.

Your Bookworm

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Most Anticipated Books of 2014

So the year has already started but I still believe that we should see what others anticipate the most. I have watched an attached video and I have seen that there are so many books that I have never heard about. It is nice to know that you can never run out of books, contrary to one of my previous posts. Here is a website that I have also looked at; Publishers Weekly.

I have noticed that there are many authors that we hear about but they have many different books. For example, James Patterson is known for many books but everyone discovers his different books at different times. I first found out about him when I was at a school book fair. I was looking for a book less than 20 dollars but that could take me a week and I found the Witch & Wizard series. Since then I read them over and over again.

If you have any books that you are waiting for, go ahead comment below.

Your Bookworm

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Maths Trick To Fool Your Friends

My Example is:
I totally got it! Amazing how powerful and fun math can be if you try!

Your Bookworm

Don Charisma

A little maths problem I posted on my blog became one of my most popular posts, and still draws traffic daily from Google.

Here’s something for you guys to try out at home – don’t worry, there’s nothing difficult, only adding and subtracting, but make sure the difference between the 1st and 3rd digits is at least 2 in your number.

Do let me know the number you chose and the answer you got.


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